Whatever It Takes

There's a word that has captured us lately: MUST. Because "MUST" speaks of grave import, of necessity, of conviction over preference and purpose over preoccupation. New Year’s resolutions speak of such things: I MUST go to the gym. I MUST pay off my credit card. I MUST _______________. Turns out it's a big word in the Bible too and, when employed, it carries all the weight of heaven. Join us as we explore when Jesus said “MUST” and – most shockingly – with whom. Because if we’re to live our best lives, so MUST we.

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How He Loves

Do you have a friendship with God? Where do you need God’s strength? Do you experience God’s affection? Do you live from His peace? This, actually, is what Christmas offers you and me. It’s not just about the fact that God was born but . . . How He Loves. And this love has the power to change everything . . . How you see the world. How you live from your heart. How you experience God. How you serve others. How you experience peace.

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Ahhh Love.  The very essence of mystery and…math?


In this ten part series, we are going to unpack the A to Z of relationships – from our core need for intimacy, how to be a great friend, how to date, and to how to fight fair.  We’ll talk about the single life, the dating life, the married life and we’ll offer biblical principles that apply right where you live, no matter your stage of life.


And how will we do it?

Math, my friends.  Elementary, God-given mathematics.

Some say that a picture says a thousand words.  We disagree. 

Variables do.


Bring a friend.  Don’t miss a Sunday.  Calculators not required.

Want to delve deeper into the conversation? CLICK HERE to check out the LOVE(MATH) Podcast on Soundcloud, or CLICK HERE to subscribe to it on iTunes.

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FAQ is a series about stuff that you are asking through our churchwide survey.

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Three Letter Words

We all know about four letter words, of course. They get all the attention. Words like “then”, “when”, and “that”. But what gets lost in all that sizzle, are the 3 letter words. Ever think about the potency of the 3 letter word? Words like: Why. But. Our. And. These little words are dangerous, high impact, subversive and radical and - in the Bible - they are EVERYWHERE! And if we live these words in our faith, they have the power to change…everything. Join us for a series on the four best three letter words your soul needs.

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Sometimes, people in the Bible seem to not be…or feel…like actual people. It all happened so long ago – before there was Amazon, even. Their lives seemed so…dramatic. More than, some would say, House of Cards. And what God did in their lives feels, well, impossible. So we read the Bible with this disassociated, two dimensional distance of sorts. We say, “That would never happen to me.” Or “God would never do that for me.” Or “That’s because that guy read his Bible every day” (when, um, there was no…”Bible”). But we believe that if we were to actually meet them, hear their stories imaginatively lifted from the Scriptures and offered as living, breathing, risk-taking, wondering, death-defying, self-doubting, sold out, insecure, trusting human beings they’d say to us: “We’re not all that different. You and me.” At the same time, we may also experience God whispering about His unchanging ways: “Neither am I.”

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Lay It Down

There is something required of us if we’re to party well, if we’re to step fully into this life. It’s the idea of MEANINGFUL SURRENDER. For every single one of us, if we want to grow, we have to make meaningful surrenders towards our best life in Jesus. Because there are obstacles, distractions, and counterfeit devotions in every single one of our lives that limit God's access to our hearts and – if we want to join this party – it will require that we LAY IT DOWN and say, “God, even if this thing is good--but it has too much power over me or somehow it’s become a distraction or barrier--I will lay it down, I will make a meaningful surrender to you.” What is your meaningful surrender?

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Party Hard

Partying gets a bad rap. Unless, of course, to you it has a good rap. Regardless, it’s a great word when hitched to the right vision. Jesus describes the Kingdom of God as one big ol’ party and, we must confess, Christians have lost their groove – a people who bring others together, fire up the grill, crank up the spotify, and open up our hearts towards those God has placed us among. He said, ‘Your Kingdom come, your will be done – on earth as it is in heaven’ and so of all the beautiful things this means, chips and salsa becomes a must. Now we’re not talking about a church party. We’re talking where you live, work, study, or play. And we’re not talking about a church doing this, we’re talking about his people – THE CHURCH – learning how to party….hard. Join us.

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Sit With Us: Nobody Eats Alone

The school cafeteria – the first place many of us felt the anxiety of being alone. It’s your first day of school, or you're the new kid at school. You walk in, look around—and head to an empty table to sit. By yourself. The Easter story holds so much good news that our world desperately needs. Like, “He is risen.” Like, “We are forgiven.” Like, “Nobody eats alone!” No matter what you know, believe, understand, where you’ve been or what you’ve done . . . come sit with us.

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Too Important To Stay The Same

You are too important to stay the same. In other words, it’s time to change. Now by change I don’t mean changing into some unrecognizable freak. No. I also don’t mean that someone should force change upon you. No one wants to be a project. That never goes well. By change, I mean becoming who we were always intended to be by our radically loving God.

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AMONG: be in my world

There are many things we can say to God. Things like “Why, God?” Or “How, God!?” Or even “Where were you, God?” But the one honest thing we cannot say to God is “Well, that’s all fine and dandy but God you’re not in my world.” Because Christmas declares that He was. In your world. In the very flesh that you bare on your skin. In the very pain that you carry. With the very needs you have. Experiencing the very emotions of love and sorrow that mark the human race. God with us, Immanuel! The angel declared. He became flesh and dwelt AMONG us, John writes. He was made like us in every way…in how he was tempted and in how he suffered. In every way…God lived among us. AMONG. Just perhaps the most beautiful, world-rocking, powerful and challenging word, what our God has done with us…not living upon us but among, as one who serves, Jesus actually said. And it’s this way of God, Jesus’s very life that we are called to imitate. There are so many around us that say, “You’re not in my world!” Well actually, maybe we could be. To live among…

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Join us in a 40 day prayer practice. We want every person, in YOUR every place to experience all of Jesus. This series and prayer guide will help us pray for the people and places where we live, work, study & play--and for our church, government, and other things on our hearts. Join us in PrayFit!

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Overflow: What Goes In Must Come Out

Maybe life is a bit more straightforward than we like to think. Sure there are great mysteries and some things are complex and nuanced. Of course there’s grace and gray and Don Draper. But then there’s just the straightforward simple. Like say…the concept of “input = output.” What we put in, we get out. What goes in, must come out. Just natural biology, folks. Jesus says as much in Matthew 12:32-35 when he says, “from the overflow of one’s heart, a person speaks.” Interesting, huh? We all overflow something. And that overflow becomes someone else’s inflow. See how that works? And it’s true, isn’t it? At the office? In your home? In road rage? So our overflow depends on our inflow, doesn’t it? Because what goes in, must come out.

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The Real Deal: Is The Bible Really All That?

Series brief here

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