Join Us March 22-23 For An Event You'll Never Forget!

“The best weekend of my life.” – what one seventh grader said after last year’s Believe event

Heartland middle school is going to Believe, a 2-day conference designed for middle school students. 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are all invited to be a part of this weekend where they’ll get experience a high-energy weekend event, packed with powerful worship and teaching from God's word. While at Believe, we’ll worship together, engage in life-challenging discussions with peers and adult leaders, and discover ways in which God is calling you to be kingdom workers in your schools, communities and the world!

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You aren’t random. You were created as a masterpiece. Even when you don’t feel like it, you’re still unique. And you, as a masterpiece, were made by an incredible Master.

The idea of identity is a universal struggle. Every generation wrestles with it. Jr. high students sit at a pivotal moment in their lives where they are constantly asking the question “Who am I?” A student can’t truly know who they are until they know who God is. And this year CIY’s Believe tour will help Jr. high students understand what it means to find their identity in God.

There are hundreds of “I Am” statements in the Bible, but Believe will focus on four key phrases during the 2018-19 tour that will be a foundation for Jr. high students to have deeper conversations about identity: “I am God’s masterpiece,” “I am God’s child,” “I am the church” and “I am a Kingdom worker.”

Your identity is not found in what you do, but who you are. And God has made you who you are.

Who Am I? … I am who God says I am.

About Believe


Parents, we are going to an epic conference specifically designed for middle school students on March 22-23, 2019. Here are some questions you probably have! If your question hasn’t been answered, CLICK HERE to email Shibu Mathew.

When does it start? Friday at 5:30 PM. Drop your student off at Heartland.

When does it finish? Saturday at 5:00 PM. Pick your student up at Heartland.

Where is the event? Two places: Kansas City Convention Center and Heartland. The main sessions are Friday night and all day Saturday. We’ll spend the night at Heartland on Friday night.

How are you getting there? We are renting a school bus and CDL driver from First Student to get there and back on both days.

How much money does my student need to bring? $15-20 will cover a hat or shirt at the merchandise table. They have really cool stuff, and it is fun to get a souvenir from the event. All the meals are covered by the registration price.

Who are the adults at the event? We bring our own adult leaders to the event. They all attend Heartland Community Church and have been through our thorough background check process. They are all safe, fun, Jesus-centered adults. Also, our Child Protection Policy ensures that no adult is ever alone with a student in a private space (vehicle or otherwise).

What if my student has dietary restrictions? CLICK HERE to email Shibu Mathew so we can work with you to make necessary accommodations.

What are the sleeping arrangements at Heartland like? The boys (and male adult leaders) will all sleep in one room and the girls (and adult females) will sleep in another room at the church. The building will be locked as long as we are in it. Students cannot leave their assigned room except to use the bathroom. Since we have a full Saturday of activity, our lights out time will be 11:30 for students. Students will need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, and change of clothes for the next day. There are no showers at the building, we’ll head straight to the convention center after eating breakfast at Heartland on Saturday morning.

Can I meet the adults that will be present? Yes! We’d love for you to meet them. CLICK HERE to email Shibu Mathew and we’ll schedule a meeting so you can meet them at one of our Sunday services.

Have you been to Believe before? Yes, last year. It was an amazing time of connecting and growth for lots of students. The organization, Christ in Youth, that hosts the event is a top-notch student ministry group. We have loved getting to know them over the last year. Our summer camp, Mix, is run by the same group!

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