Next Baptism TBD

We’re excited that you are considering getting baptized! In fact, we believe it to be one of the most important things that you can do in your lifetime. Baptism is essentially an outer declaration of an inner transformation – that is to say, it’s a public act which symbolizes how Jesus has, is, and will continue to change you from the inside out – so we’re thrilled to celebrate that with you!

Questions about Baptism?

You may have some questions about baptism – things like what it means, or maybe just what to expect at Heartland’s baptism.  For details on the most frequently asked questions we receive on baptism, please click HERE And if you need additional info, just contact our Front Office (913.341.5820).  They’ll be able to help connect you with someone who can help provide answers.

We recommend that children wait until 12 years old to be baptized. CLICK HERE to understand why.