Premarital Counseling and Weddings

Congratulations on your engagement! Whether your interest is in just premarital counseling or in having a Heartland pastor officiate for you at your wedding (at Heartland or at another local site), here’s where you get started!

Just Getting Started / Exploring Your Options?

These four brief documents will get you the info you’re looking for!

  • QUICK START: The top 2-3 things you need to know as you’re exploring your options
  • FEE SUMMARY: Info on our fees, when they’re due & how to pay them
  • WEDDING COUNTDOWN: A quick overview of what happens & when in our process
  • MAKING A REQUEST: How & when to get us your request
  • Done Exploring & Ready to Make Your Request?

    Click on the links below for further info and to get your request to us!

  • PREMARITAL COUNSELING through Heartland
  • Having a Heartland Pastor officiate at a WEDDING AT HEARTLAND
  • Having a Heartland Pastor officiate at a WEDDING AT A DIFFERENT SITE
  • A Few Great Resources

    Some additional info that’ll help you as you’re getting ready for your wedding day!

  • Making the most of your ENGAGEMENT
  • Working out the details of your WEDDING CEREMONY
  • Being ready for your wedding REHEARSAL
  • Enlisting HELPERS so your wedding day goes smoothly