Sundays 11 AM In The Youth Lounge

Do you remember waiting in line for that epic roller coaster ride? It’s so hard to wait! The wait for this ride is over. Welcome to the middle school ministry! It’s like a roller coaster and we want to be on the ride with you. There are going to be some really big hills and a few valleys, like any good ride has.

We believe deeply that the years of 5th - 8th grade are foundational for students to find that they can not just survive the teenage years, but learn how to thrive in the unknown.

Service 11 AM-12:15 PM: During this service, you’ll experience worship with a band led by our awesome adult leaders and students. You’ll hear a message that teaches you how to thrive as a middle school student following Jesus. You’ll get to discuss what you hear in a small group led by an awesome adult leader and a high school student leader called a coach.

"We want students to THRIVE,
because they are KNOWN and SENT."


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