What to Expect

High School Community meets Wednesday nights from 7-9 PM in the garage. Bring a friend . . . come alone. Come ready to have a great time, meet new people, and learn about Jesus.

Our Goal

Training students to thrive in the unknown, because they are known and sent.


Our leadership team is committed to getting to know high school students because we love them and want to see them succeed. We train students to do the hard work of knowing themselves and how they were uniquely hardwired by God. We also work hard to help them understand and practice the posture of being known by God. At the same time we fully understand that the discipleship process can only happen when you are known in a community or spiritual family.


With knowledge comes great responsibility! So, when students hear from God, we challenge them to do something about it. While we provide serving opportunities and trips to practice being sent, the real goal is to train and equip students to take ownership as church leaders. We actually believe they can be the church and make disciples in high school. When students graduate from high school community, they don’t leave to go off to college. Instead, we commission them and they are sent to lead the Church wherever God calls them to go.

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Student Ministry FAQs

Below are some of the most common questions we hear about Student Ministry. If yours isn't answered here, feel free to reach us using the staff emails below!

A: We primarily use our website, heartlandchurch.org. And the best way to stay in the loop is our text line. Text “middleschool” or “highschool” to 63566. We also use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those links are all on our webpage.

A. We believe that ministry towards pre-adolescents and adolescents is done best during one gathering of students. The service with the most momentum is our 11 AM service. We’ve tried multiple service times before and it splinters our leader and student community. Sleep is actually another reason we have chosen the 11 AM service. Waking up early during the teenage years isn’t fun and frankly, their bodies need the sleep more than we adults think they do.

A: Depending on the season, we have varying amounts of midweek happenings. During the school year: For HS, there is a weekly gathering on Wednesday nights. For MS, there is a monthly event. During the summer: For HS and MS there are 2-3 events a month. This is intentional to focus on reaching as many students as possible during the season where they have the most time available.

A: We’d encourage you to try and make the switch. We’ve heard firsthand that many families who didn’t want to make the switch ultimately found they loved having Sunday mornings be a bit more restful and life-giving when they weren’t rushing to the 9 AM service. That being said, your family rhythms may not allow you to make the switch. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please make efforts to get your son or daughter to any midweek events that they can make; every connection helps.

A: A lot! For starters, we do have some monthly midweek events that are designed to be fun and safe experiences. We also begin to take trips out of town as students get older. For example, there’s a fall retreat for 6th-12th grade; a St. Louis trip for 6th graders; an Omaha trip for 7th graders; Youthfront Camp for 6th-8th grade and a Memphis mission trip for high school students.

We also invite students with parental permission to spend time outside of Heartland with our leaders. But we have strict Volunteer & Staff Conduct Guidelines in place that we expect leaders to abide by. To view the guidelines, CLICK HERE.

A: Yes and no. Sometimes we use teaching curriculum from our friends at room1228.com and sometimes we create our own teaching series.

A: Bribe them! No, not really, but maybe that’ll work. We also recommend telling them “Give the student service one or two awkward Sundays before you decide…nobody’s perfect!” We also recommend asking them bringing a buddy; it’s easier when you know somebody.

A: We take your student’s safety seriously. When meeting a student outside of Sunday morning’s services, we require our adult leaders to meet in public places and avoid meeting alone. Prior to meeting, parental permission must be obtained. To view the guidelines, CLICK HERE.

A: There is a thorough application and background check completed by all volunteers before they become a leader in student ministry. It’s the same background check that applies for all of the volunteer leaders in our children’s ministry.



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