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Easter Garden

Easter is fast approaching!  If you are looking for ways to involve your kids in the Easter story, here is one more option…an Easter Garden.  You can Google it or search on Pinterest for different methods or ideas, but the basic idea is to create the scene of the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest.

Basic components include a pan, tray, or plate as a base, soil, something to represent the tomb (a small terra-cotta pot laid on its side works well), rocks or other foliage, and either moss from outside or grass seed to plant in the dirt (hoping for a beautiful, green patch of new grass by Easter).  You can also use sticks to make crosses to represent the place of crucifixion and a large rock to cover the opening of the “tomb” until Easter morning.

Ann Voskamp has a wonderful example of the Grace Garden her family made.  She has such a wealth of experience and ideas – I just love her!

My goal this year is to make an Easter garden that we can enjoy year round by putting it into a terrarium.  Here is a simple tutorial video on how to make a terrarium.

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