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{May 12, 2019}

Heartland Community Church

May 12 – 18, 2019


LOVE(MATH) 2.0: Kids

By Meghan Hemenway

I have kids. Happy Mother’s Day to me! Being a parent right now for me looks like constantly telling my kids to quiet down while simultaneously fighting back tears at that thought of how fast they are growing and how quickly my house will be too quiet. These are competing and connected thoughts and totally normal, I’m sure.
Today on Mother’s Day, Brooke reminded us that while we are not all mothers, we are all children. The Ephesians verse we looked at makes the connection between obeying and honoring our parents with having a long and full life. Like wanting a quiet house and wanting the boisterousness to never end, the idea of obeying leading to happiness maybe doesn’t feel like a natural connection. But when we obey we are making space to listen and tune into our father, God. When we honor God we are discerning what he values and what we value. Without this space for reflection we can feel overwhelmed and depleted.

As a mother of two high-energy, intense, exuberant boys I have found that I attract a lot of attention in public. People either see us coming and make way or gravitate toward us as if drawn by an invisible force. Like a compass aligning itself to the Earth’s magnetic field, like-minded kids find themselves drawn almost instantly to my sons. The result can often be like several human hurricanes moving as one through their current location.

I have spent many years trying to avoid, separate, or manage these potentially destructive forces. What I am realizing is that this just makes me very tired and overwhelmed. It isn’t my job nor is it even in my power to control or change a magnet’s polarity. God made these small powerful humans and its in his control. Resting and tuning into God helps me remember this and at the very least gives me space to enjoy the chaos.

The other thing it has done lately is to open my eyes to the other mothers attached to these magnetically charged kids. What I want is to comfort and encourage these mothers with my strength and parenting wisdom, but what I am learning is that unlike my sons’ powerful energies, it is my weakness that attracts and comforts others. My honesty about the mess it often is to live with human hurricanes seems to give others that rest or momentary solace they have been looking for. It isn’t my wisdom people are seeking, it’s God’s, so maybe obeying for me looks like learning to offer calm and peace to those drawn into our storm.


{sunday 5.12.19}

Read 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Observe, Reflect, Apply: Paul talks about how his weakness makes space for God’s strength. Are you fighting any powerful forces on your own? Is there a place for you to step back and allow God to step forward? In what ways are obeying and honoring God the same as being honest about your weaknesses?


{personal reflection and bible reading plan}

As you read the verses each day, make notes of questions you have about what you’re reading as well as answering the reflection questions below. Grab a friend or two to discuss what you are learning and what God is doing in your lives.


{monday 5.13.19}

Read 1 Corinthians 14:6-19

Observe, Reflect, Apply: Have you ever been misunderstood? Or struggled to understand what someone else is saying? What is one key takeaway you have from these verses? One question? One idea to put into practice?

{tuesday 5.14.19}

Read 1 Corinthians 14:20-35

Observe, Reflect, Apply: Make a list of what you feel these verses tell us about how we gather (whether in our communities, groups, or at church). What, if anything, would you do differently based on this instruction? What questions do the verses raise for you?

{wednesday 5.15.19}

Read 1 Corinthians 14:36-15:2

Observe, Reflect, Apply: What do you believe, deep in your bones, about Jesus, and his teachings revealed in the Bible? What do you struggle with? Join as as we pray in gratitude for our relationship with Jesus, and as we bring him our doubts and questions, allowing him to lead us into understanding. 

{thursday 5.16.19}

Read 1 Corinthians 15:3-16

Observe, Reflect, Apply: These verses talk about the witnesses of the resurrection, and yet the challenge people had in believing that resurrection is real. How do you resolve your belief, and your questions, about Jesus’ resurrection? Discuss your thoughts with a trusted group or friend.  

{friday 5.17.19}

Read 1 Corinthians 15:17-28

Observe, Reflect, Apply: Do you put your trust in the truth of the resurrection? What does Jesus claiming authority over death, and God having ultimate authority mean for you and I today? 

{saturday 5.18.19}

Read 1 Corinthians 15:29-41

Observe, Reflect, Apply: How would you explain the verses on the resurrection and the resurrection body to a friend?


{community discussion questions}

We weren’t meant to experience the life of Jesus alone, so we encourage you to rally a few others to discuss what you are hearing, reading, and reflecting on together. Whether you are meeting as a Journey Community group, talking with a few friends throughout the week, or bringing up spiritual conversations around your table at home, feel free to use some of these questions as conversation starters on your journey.

  • Can you name a takeaway or challenge from the Sunday message?
  • How has that been relevant, challenging, or meaningful to your life this week?
  • What have you observed about God, Jesus, yourself, others, or God’s plan for you from these readings?
  • Where do you need a breakthrough from God this week?
  • Who do you need to share what you’re learning about God with?


{extra journey resources}

THE JOURNEY VLOG: Our own Seth Davidson has a Journey Vlog that you can subscribe to on YouTube. Five days out of each week he offers an 8-10 minute overview about the scripture reading for that day. Simply follow along, listening to the corresponding date. CLICK HERE to check it out. Be sure to click "subscribe" on the page!

CLICK HERE to visit The Bible Project site and explore their super simple, super informative Bible videos (and other resources).

CLICK HERE to get the Read Scripture App, from our friends at The Bible Project.

CLICK HERE for more on how to use the observe-reflect-apply approach to getting the most out of your Bible reading.

The Bible App Get a free Bible for your phone, tablet, and computer. Experience the Bible anywhere, with options to highlight, save notes, and share what you are reading with others.

Bible Gateway Provides advanced Bible searching capabilities, which allow readers to find passages in scripture based on keywords, phrases, or scripture reference.


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