Oxgangs, Scotland

In 2009 a team from Central Church in the centre of Edinburgh began doing some youth work in Oxgangs. Over the years a number of the people involved moved into the community. Through this the opportunity opened up to begin a mentoring program in partnership with the local schools. Initially known as Aspire, those who were involved in the mentoring or lived locally began to meet together to share and pray together.

Over time the activities and locations have changed but underneath there is still the same passion to see Jesus at work in the lives of local people in Oxgangs.

These are the things that matter most to us:

  • Local generosity – ​Oxgangs is our home and we want to serve this community.
  • Inclusive family – ​Everyone is invited to belong and everyone has a unique part to play.
  • Jesus-centered – ​It’s all about Jesus and we want to follow Him with our lives.
  • Spirit-led – ​We want to be led by the Spirit and learn to hear and trust in Him.
  • Outward-facing – ​We want to share the hope that we have with others.

CLICK HERE​to visit the Oxgangs website.

Contact Jade Van Slyke to learn more about Oxgangs.

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