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Ancient Paths: Worship

By Sarah Hahs

Worship can be many things. For me, it’s standing in the valley of a mountain range and feeling my own smallness. Or walking into my kid’s rooms when they have fallen asleep to study their features, and how beautifully they were made. Or that perfect Fall day in Kansas City when the air is crisp and the city itself seems to just be showing off. 

It is where the veil of Heaven and Earth seems incredibly thin. Those are the moments I am inclined to “intentionally turn towards God and ascribe the goodness, greatness and glory that belongs to him,” as Brad spoke of today. In those moments it is so much more than a song, or words on a page. 

I’ve spent a significant part of my life trying to undo what I thought worship was. Coming from a traditional church background, for the longest time it was the same songs from the same book and it was clearly a spectator sport. But the longer I spent with just Jesus in silence and stillness, the more I was able to move from watching to worshiping. So instead of just going for a walk, it was realizing God was walking with me. Instead of tucking my children in, it was noticing how tiny their ears are and how God had perfectly shaped them. It’s flipping the script on how you go about your day, noticing all of the places God has already placed himself. The act of worship will alter how you move about your day. It places God at the center of all of it – environment, relationships, circumstances – and allows him to shine through it all. 

What is that one moment this last week where the veil has felt incredibly thin? Was it through a lyric in your head that popped in there when you needed to be reminded of how ridiculously you are loved by God? Was it in the note or text you received from a friend that gave you the encouragement you needed at the exact time that you needed it? Or was it standing outside with a larger-than-life midwestern sunset, where it felt that you were seeing something truly spectacular? Those have all been moments of worship in my last week. It is humbling, and I find myself awestruck at the extravagance of God, and I am left with nothing but praise in return.


{sunday 9.19.21}

Read Mark 12:30

Observe, Reflect, Apply: How am I bringing all of myself as an act of worship? What does worship with my heart look like? What does worship with my soul look like? What does worship with my mind look like? What does worship with all of my strength look like? As you go through your week, where is one place in your life you haven’t considered worship, that you would like to bring to God this week?


{bible reading plan}

By Lisa Zulke

{monday 9.20.21}

Read Habakkuk 3:17-18

Observe, Reflect, Apply: Man, these verses remind me that even in the midst of loss or chaos, God is bigger. He is bigger than the great times, and the hardest of times. He is greater than our pain, greater than our failure, greater than our greatest achievement. This is a helpful challenge to me, to remember to reorient my posture toward God in the middle of the hard stuff, and the good stuff. And to count it all joy because God is with me in it. Consider today how you take note, and reorient your posture toward the God who is greater than all the rest.

{tuesday 9.21.21}

Read Psalm 100:1-4

Observe, Reflect, Apply: I love great music and great lyrics. I am growing to love worship in church. But it isn’t my natural pathway to worshiping God. These verses speak of singing and shouting…and that is beautiful and joyful for many! I love that. If you don’t connect with singing our declaring out loud, consider thinking these thoughts as you pray. Giving thanks to God specifically for how amazing he is, in your thoughts. I like to record in my notebook/journal how I have encountered or seen God in a day, and give thanks in the writing. We can engage in speaking or writing or singing or praying our thank yous and worship to God. How can you reorient on one of those paths?

{wednesday 9.22.21}

Read Romans 12:1

Observe, Reflect, Apply: This verse speaks of us (literally) being the temple of God in our time. Back in the day, there was a physical temple building that followers would travel to in order to worship. With Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and the arrival of the Holy Spirit in our world, the physical temple became…you and me. Anyone who declares that they are following Jesus. That is literally mind blowing to me. And convicting. And powerful, beyond what I even can imagine. It makes me ask, "How can I posture myself to live in each moment as a temple of God?" Whew. It’s a struggle. And it’s freeing. And I think even our most feeble attempts are received by God as an act of worship. Praying that you and I each find ways to be the temple in the same way Michael Jordan implored young basketball players to "be the ball".

{thursday 9.23.21}

Read Colossians 3:14-17

Observe, Reflect, Apply: Love. Peace. Thankfulness. Unity. All things that we are called to embody as we live in the community of Jesus followers. If we are being honest, we all exist in spaces where these traits are not present, perhaps not even attempted. How can we, as a community of Jesus followers at Heartland, grow in our love, peace, thankfulness and unity? How can we grow as representatives of Jesus in how we interact, and how we live in a hurting world that could use his presence?

{friday 9.24.21}

Read Hebrews 12:28

Observe, Reflect, Apply: God invites us into a world, a kingdom, that is unshakeable. How amazing is that?! In this past year, as we see our world literally shaking, flooding, burning and reeling under the weight of a global pandemic…God says, "Child, my kingdom is unshakeable." Whew. I am in awe of that. And there are days when I struggle to believe and trust in that. What would it look like to love God in holy fear and awe? To trust that, as you follow after Jesus, you are in a kingdom that is not shaking?

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