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MONUMENTAL: A Great Prayer

By Shelly Huston

Have you ever been placed in a trustworthy position? Maybe you were and didn’t fully realize it. Could it be that God is trusting you to stand in, stand up, or stand firm in an area that no one, or perhaps few are willing to take the time to do?

Nehemiah was a high-ranking official in charge of serving the King. It was an influential position, an actual office, in which he was well paid. He was in confidential relations with the King, and must have been thoroughly trustworthy, as part of his duty was to guard against poison in the King’s cup. In some cases, he was required to taste the wine before presenting it to the King. He was also an enlisted Jew, who had been captured and exiled from his homeland and forced to work for the King. Instead of bitterly serving in this role, he served honorably and faithfully. Which I’m sure meant a lot to the King. Just as it means a great deal to God when we serve, even under times of great pressure and persecution.

In this passage Nehemiah was grieving for the people of his nation. He’d received news that the Jews were facing great affliction and reproach. Enemies surrounded them, Jerusalem’s walls were demolished, and its gates burned. The depth of the cupbearer’s grief was great. If an earthly king can recognize that his servant is burdened and intervene, enabling him to go to his people’s defense, how much more so would God, our heavenly King, intervene on our behalf? Have you ever felt a great burden for a group of people, a cause or perhaps a nation? How did it impact your prayer life?

I’ve felt a great burden for my loved ones, sometimes very weighty burdens that seem almost too much to bear. Walking through the valley of death is a very humbling and difficult journey. However, God’s great grace brought me through. Just as he will bring you through when you carry weighty burdens for your family. He is the great comforter.

Burdens for our family are very real, strong and powerful. They can be liberating, especially when breakthrough comes. But can we embrace a burden from God for someone on the outside, like the person you just passed on the street corner with a cardboard sign, or someone at work? Or perhaps someone you don’t even know? God invites us to stand in the gap for others in prayer. For example, God will often share a burden for our church, our leaders, or perhaps for our children and students. Could he also trust me to carry his burden for a city, for people I don’t even know? Why yes, God can and does. Interceding for something or someone larger than your life can be challenging. Yet when breakthrough comes, it is one of the most liberating moments you’ll know. Start small. Ask God, "What’s on your heart? What burdens are you feeling today for your church, your people, your world?" And begin with that. The work is worth it, my friend.

In Psalm 106:23, Moses “stood in the gap” and saved the people of Israel with his petition on their behalf. Could it be that God is laying a burden on your heart? Asking you to intercede, or stand in the gap on behalf of another?

Today we were reminded that Nehemiah prayed to God with his burden. Only God could make it right. Whenever relationships are put back together, that’s a God thing. Whenever a home is reunited, that’s a God thing. Whenever a church is rebuilt, that’s a God thing. Let God heal the fracture in life, your dream or your burden, believing that God can make it right.


{sunday 9.26.21}

Read Nehemiah 1

Observe, Reflect, Apply: People are capable of incredible things! What am I capable of? What great dream is God birthing in my heart? Is there an incredible dream that was born out of opportunity and curiosity or perhaps out of adversity? Can I carry deep hope for something better for the world around me?


{bible reading plan}

By Shelly Huston

{monday 9.27.21}

Read 1 Chronicles 10

Observe, Reflect, Apply: Is there an intimidating rival, challenger, or competitor in your life? Perhaps someone who challenges you at every turn. Who seems better prepared/equipped or supplied? Perhaps God called you to a role, an assignment, and instead of following through, you did it on your own terms, like Saul. Have you given up on something God asked you to do when it seemed too overwhelming? If Saul had not responded in fear, do you think God would have come through on his behalf? Scripture tells of us many times when God’s people were faced with seemingly impossible asks, they did extraordinary things. Do you believe that he can use you to do something extraordinary?

{tuesday 9.28.21}

Read 1 Chronicles 11:1-3

Observe, Reflect, Apply: God keeps his promises. There are two types of promises/covenants in scripture. Conditional and unconditional. Some of His promises require action on our part. We didn’t carry through with our responsibility, so He’s not required too either. An unconditional covenant is an agreement between two parties, but only one of the two parties must do something. Nothing is required of the other party. God required things of Saul; Saul did not fulfill his end of the agreement. Instead, he walked away from God’s promises and his life ended in ruin. David however, kept his word, fulfilled promises, and received promises.
Have you made any promises to God? Can you name 3 promises he’s made to you? Are you someone God can count on to keep promises? Do you trust God to fulfill his promises?

{wednesday 9.29.21}

Read 1 Chronicles 11:4-19

Observe, Reflect, Apply: David’s men served with him in battle, sacrificed with him, refreshed him, and strengthened themselves alongside him. In an attitude of service, sometimes God may call upon you to honorably care for, fight for and serve. Heartland has many men and women that God has raised up to serve in our community. To serve communion, to serve in worship, to serve in hospitality, to serve in the
tech booth, to serve in food distribution, and many other areas. Is it time for you to rise up and take an active role serving in community? There are seasons of resting, learning, being refreshed by God. There are also times when God wants us in action. What time is it in your life? How is God asking you to serve?

{thursday 9.30.21}

Read 1 Chronicles 13

Observe, Reflect, Apply: In these verses, the people carried the holy presence of God, the ark of the covenant, the very word of God, in celebration that God was with them and for them. In principle, we too are carriers of God, of God’s teaching, and of his glory. How we handle that can bring incredible life, freedom, and liberty. In verse 13 we see that King David wouldn’t move the ark for a season, as he was afraid of the possible consequences. Sometimes when we are carriers of his word, his presence, his burdens, we too can become afraid. David took the ark of God to the family of Obededom, and it stayed there for 3 months. “And the Lord blessed the house of Obededom and all that he had." When we humbly carry God with us, he in turn will fulfill his promises to us, to our house, over all that we have.

{friday 10.1.21}

Read 1 Chronicles 14

Observe, Reflect, Apply: I love the wisdom of King David in this scripture. Each time he was faced with a challenge, he inquired of God, saying, “Shall I go up against the Philistines? Will you deliver them into my hand?” Sometimes I think I know the character of God so well I presume I know his answer. David asked God the same question in 3 instances. He always asked before he carried through. God gave the same answer the first two times, with the same outcome. On the third ask, God gave King David a new plan. Have you approached a situation the same way time and time again? Perhaps you ‘knew’ what God would say. There’s an old saying that rings in my mind right now by Henry Ford: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Is it time to change your approach? How might you ask the question differently? With expectancy? Then, wait for God’s answer.

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