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By Bill McMurtrey

IHopefully this is something that you CAN’T relate to…but if you’re even a little bit like me, you’ll understand. If I had a dime for every time in my life that I allowed my anger to get the best of me, maybe just in my thoughts, possibly with an actual outburst, I’d be able to take everyone in the entire church out to lunch.

We often deny our anger. Or find ways to mask or justify it. “That’s my right!” Hmmm, is verbal assault over receiving your order at a fast food place in a timely manner a "right"? Is rudeness and screaming obscenities at the teenager working the drive-thru window your "right"? That’s not something I’m into doing, but in our world we see it happen more and more. 

We are living in an angry world. We are living in a nation divided. Pick almost any topic, and you can split the room by which side people fall on. Pushed to the extreme edges, our division brings down friendships, business relationships, even family.

Given a few moments to reflect, we can all name our trigger points. I am well versed in naming mine. One thing I learned over time…anger, processed through my relationship with God and given back to him to help me with it leads to growth and understanding. When I invite God into the conversation about my anger, my attitude about my “rights” and my filter on what is happening in me shifts. Unresolved anger equals self destruction. For me it is that shift of self and wanting to grow closer to God that keeps my anger in check. I am able to seek understanding without control. Because I am not in control, neither are you. God is. 

Try using the thought, “Is this pleasing to God?” Just close your eyes for a moment, breathe, take a slow, slow, slow deep breath. Now, imagine what our world would look like if everyone took up for loving each other the way Jesus loves us…instead of the way we so quickly dig in on our personal beliefs. If we all listened a little longer, spoke a little less, and loved a whole lot more, we could create a better world.


{sunday 10.24.21}

Read Ephesians 4:25-31

Observe, Reflect, Apply: What would it take to not let the day end in anger? How might you resolve tension among your community of friends and family with encouragement, understanding and forgiveness? What are some tips you can remember to, "Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander…"? Brad offered helpful tips today: pause, reflect, consult, confront. Take the next opportunity you feel anger rising to try for a different resolution.


{bible reading plan}

By Lisa Zulke

{monday 10.25.21}

Read 2 Chronicles 6:14-42

Observe, Reflect, Apply: I find this one of the most beautiful, compelling prayers offered in scripture. Take some time today and read each sentence. Imagine being Solomon, having completed the temple, now declaring your devotion to God, and pleading on behalf of your nation that God fulfill his promises, inhabit the temple, and be attentive to all the prayers uttered in that place. Where do you have a leadership role, or a role of responsibility? How might you write a prayer on behalf of your people (friends, family, school, church, work, etc) inviting God to hear your people’s words and respond?

{tuesday 10.26.21}

Read 2 Chronicles 7:11-16

Observe, Reflect, Apply: And here is God’s response to Solomon’s prayer. How about that?! I love the power of the words echoed back to Solomon. God declares that he has heard the plea, that he will honor it, and that he needs the people to humble themselves, be a people of prayer, turn from evil and toward God…and he will be with them. This prayer was shared in a pivotal moment on a night of prayer in June 2007 at Heartland for the building we now call home. It was a turning point, and God has been oh, so faithful. Where have you uttered a plea to God to hear you, and to help you? Where has he been faithful to you? Celebrate that today.

{wednesday 10.27.21}

Read 2 Chronicles 7:17-22

Observe, Reflect, Apply: These words of admonition, caution and direction related to being faithful in following God are ominous…but honest. He is clear with his people, isn’t he? Where has God nudged you to change your path, or your behavior? Has he challenged you outright to turn from a path that was leading to bad things? How did you respond? Today I am pondering where I am ignoring the voice of God, and where he might be asking me to choose a different way. Would you join me?

{thursday 10.28.21}

Read 2 Chronicles 9:1-12

Observe, Reflect, Apply: As you read these verses, consider what it would be like to receive these words as Solomon. To hear the accolades of another royal about your leadership, your wisdom, your success. How do we graciously receive encouragement, while balancing our ego and not letting the words go to our head?

{friday 10.29.21}

Read 2 Chronicles 10:1-19

Observe, Reflect, Apply: A rebellion begins in this chapter. What do you notice in this plot twist? Have you ever led people in a time of chaos and dissension? What can we learn from this story, and from seasons of dissent in our world? How can we turn toward God’s wisdom and leadership in our lives during such times?

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