{August 28, 2022}

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Asking for a Friend: Back To Back

By Meghan Hemenway

Twelve years ago, two face to face friends and I started on a journey to becoming back to back friends. This wasn’t a deliberate process; not something we sat down and discussed, but at some point through the day to day time together our friendship changed. We went from acquaintances to the people you call when life gets real. We morphed from the friends you have for a season, to friends who have seen your best, your worst, and everything in between.    

My father died six summers ago unexpectedly while we were visiting the family lake house in Nebraska. The shorts and swimsuits I had packed were not what I needed for planning and attending a funeral

My two friends back in Kansas City went to my home, found clothes for me and my boys, set up their own families to carry on without them, and then drove up to Nebraska armed with clothes, cinnamon rolls, flowers, and gifts for my kids. My grief and shock made me feel like an untethered balloon floating up and away from reality without end. The world had flipped, the bottom fell out, the top blew off – there were no limits to how far away from reality I would go. These two women held on to me and my family when I couldn’t do it for myself. When I saw them walk in to the church for the funeral service it was like someone had grabbed the string of my balloon and tied me down. I felt my feet under me again and had hope that I could do the next hard thing. And then the next, again. And again. I could keep my eyes on them, I could borrow their hope and faith until I felt able to see it again for myself.

Each of us has now walked through some difficult seasons and the constant has been each other. We knew each other before having kids, spent the “little years” together at the park and in each other’s homes, and continue to stand by each other as our lives change.


{Sunday, August 28}

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Observe, Reflect, Apply: Who has been an encouragement to you? What friendships in your life have been a place for you to go when you need support through life’s trials and how have you been able to encourage others?


{Monday, August 29}

Read Psalm 68:6

We were not created to be alone, but in this life we often find ourselves alone. Even within the relationships in our lives we can often feel lonely. God’s plan is for us to be known and feel seen.If you are feeling isolated where in your life do you see opportunities to connect with others? Where might God be providing spaces for you to feel a sense of belonging?


{Tuesday, August 30}

Read 1 Timothy 5:8

God has designed us to be in relationships not just for ourselves but for others. God also shows his care for his people through his people. We are here as a way to bring and share God’s love with each other in our families of origin and in the families we create. Who is your family? Who are you caring for in this season?


{Wednesday, August 31}

Read Ephesians 6:12

This verse reminds us that there are dark forces at work in this world. Ephesians tells us about the armor of God that he has provided for us. How can the relationships in your life be part of this armor? Who in your life needs you to be part of their armor?


{Thursday, September 1}

Read 1 Peter 5:8-9

These verses, like the ones in Ephesians, remind us that we must remain alert and prepared against the enemy. But we don’t do this alone. The Christian family, the other believers around you are preparing for the same battle. Take a moment to pray for anyone you are connected to that is in a battle and in need of back to back friends.


{Friday, September 2}

Read Romans 5:12

In this verse we see how sin entered the world through Adam and how every person since then has been separated from true relationship with God. Ultimately, God wants us to have relationship with him. Sin keeps us from this relationship, but it is still God’s plan to reunite his family again. How do you keep hope in light of this reality?


{Saturday, August 27}

Read John 15:15

In John we see Jesus explaining how he has extended the Father’s love to us. Jesus modeled the love God had for him in the way he loved us and implores us to love each other the same way. When we follow this command we are no longer servants, but are partnering with God in the work he is doing. Where might God be calling you to partner with him in encouraging others?


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