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The Places We Go

by Molly Fisher

Life is an adventure—a journey we are all on. Whether a follower of Jesus or not, you are on a path, going somewhere. Every day, every choice takes you further down that path and becomes your life experience. It’s okay, even good sometimes, to feel a little lost and not know where you are going and to sometimes need a map to get back on track.

Journeys can be so much easier to identify when we are intentional. Not many of us go on a trip or vacation with no plan. We don’t often leave our home daily without a plan, a place we need to be, but a trip takes even a little more planning and intentionality. I love that about trips – the intentionality it takes to go somewhere, the opportunity to explore, the possibility of an adventure. I have also found, like Dan, that sometimes it’s okay to get a little lost, to not be sure what’s just up ahead, but to enjoy the journey and to be open to wonder, mystery, and discovery. There is often a sense of joy in overcoming a challenge and finding your way. My husband and I love road trips and take back roads and scenic by-ways whenever possible. We have found some of the most fun places because of a wrong turn or an unplanned departure from the original route. And sometimes, the wrong way makes a hike twice as long and less fun but makes for a funny story later. You never know until you try!

Maybe we should be a little more intentional in our everyday routines/journeys, to be more deliberate about where we’re going and who we’re going with, and also to be open to exploring the detours, the challenges, the unknowns, and intentionally go “off-script.” Jesus shows us what being on a life journey looks like. He was on a journey with an important mission, but he took the time to be interrupted, to help, heal, serve, celebrate, picnic, travel, and be with friends. Jesus found joy in the journey.

There are opportunities all around us for love and community, to help, to serve, and to experience joy. Make a small change to be more intentional. Take a different route to work, take your time, put your phone away in a check-out line, say “no,” to doing too much, and say “yes,” to something new.

In 1985, my husband and I said “yes” to starting a new church, a church that did church in a way that made exploring the claims of Jesus easy and interesting, if not attractive. A place that took the teachings of Jesus seriously, but not ourselves; a place that truly found joy in the (not always easy) journey. We didn’t know then how much or for how long the impact of that “yes” would have on our lives, but God knew – He has been a part of the journey all along; a lamp to the steps just in front of us, for nearly 39 years now (from the very beginning of the beginning).

Last week, Winnie the Pooh, this week Dr Seuss – Oh the Places You’ll Go:

Congratulations! …you’re off to great places!
Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!



[Monday, June 24]

Psalm 23

Read this Psalm with your life journey in mind, wherever you find yourself today. What do you need most? Quiet waters, right paths, less fear, comfort, sustenance, protection, mercy, love?


[Tuesday, June 25]

Isaiah 40:1-6, 26-31

Our life journey is not always easy, but we aren’t meant to go it alone. Can you identify where God has been a comfort to you, or where you need God to be a comfort? Can you identify where you have experienced God’s strength to sustain you, or where you need it now?


[Wednesday, June 26]

Matthew 28:1-8

An angel, bright as lightning, appeared with a violent earthquake but announced, “Do not be afraid, He is risen!” HE IS RISEN! That changes everything! We follow a God who became a man and conquered death. God has authority and power, and we should be in awe (respectful fear). Do you find it hard to have that kind of reverence for God?


[Thursday, June 27]

Matthew 28:9-10

The women hurried away “afraid yet filled with joy,” and met Jesus on their way. Do fear/awe and joy intersect on your journey to follow Jesus?


[Friday, June 28]

Matthew 28:11-15

Devising a plan to change the narrative – not something that only happens today. Consider whether you make changes to your path to fit the narrative of Jesus, or try to fit what Jesus says to fit the narrative of yours?


[Saturday, June 29]

Matthew 28:16-20

In what ways does, or can, your journey look like this?

  • Go, make disciples – move towards people, apprentice
  • Baptize – celebrate commitment, outward symbol for a change within
  • Teach – train for life according to God’s word
  • Knowing that Jesus is with you always to the very end of the age  – trust


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