Ancient Paths

Jesus came offering us a relationship with him. But relationships get hard, and sometimes we get...stuck. Whether it’s finding the time, going deeper, or just learning the ropes of this relationship, we stop moving forward. Sometimes what’s worked in the past doesn’t work as well as it did, so we try harder, get tired and eventually give up. Fortunately, Jesus is always inviting us forward and he doesn’t leave us on our own to figure it out. In fact, during his time on earth he showed us ways we can do this. Join in as we explore what many call the “practices” of a life with Jesus. We’ll be learning from him the rhythms we can work into our days and weeks to experience more of God’s presence so we can live more fully for him. Whether it’s time reading the Bible, praying, or even resting, we’ll learn how these things become rhythms that bring life and growth to our relationship with God. Let’s pause in this season to learn how to move forward in the most important relationship we have.