Sometimes, people in the Bible seem to not be…or feel…like actual people. It all happened so long ago – before there was Amazon, even. Their lives seemed so…dramatic. More than, some would say, House of Cards. And what God did in their lives feels, well, impossible. So we read the Bible with this disassociated, two dimensional distance of sorts. We say, “That would never happen to me.” Or “God would never do that for me.” Or “That’s because that guy read his Bible every day” (when, um, there was no…”Bible”). But we believe that if we were to actually meet them, hear their stories imaginatively lifted from the Scriptures and offered as living, breathing, risk-taking, wondering, death-defying, self-doubting, sold out, insecure, trusting human beings they’d say to us: “We’re not all that different. You and me.” At the same time, we may also experience God whispering about His unchanging ways: “Neither am I.”