Jay Cull

Theme Song: I Surrender by Hillsong
Reading List: Fathered by God, Moving Mountains, Family on Mission, Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer, My Sheep Have Ears, Listening and Inner Healing Prayer, Winning the Story Wars, Oneness Embraced
5 Favorite Things: Family, Skiing, Colorado, Developing leaders, Soul-care
Favorite Foods: Brisket, BBQ sauce, fries and sweet tea (don’t tell my doctor)
Perfect Day: Time with God in the morning, run/steam-room/swim/hot-tub/shower, coach a few leaders, lunch with Melisa, coach some more leaders, basketball with the boys in the driveway, hob-knob with the neighbors, dinner with the friends, movie with Victoria, review my day with Melisa, be at rest before I go to sleep
Coffeehouse Order: Venti chai tea latte (hot in winter – cold in spring, summer, fall)