Heartland Anywhere

As we move forward and begin to phase back in as a society, we want to encourage our Heartland family to continue to experience God’s love and mission anywhere you are – at home, in your neighborhood, where you work, or workout!

Heartland Anywhere is a mindset to be and bring the love of Jesus and the presence of God to whoever you are with, and wherever you are. John the apostle described Jesus as the fulfillment of God’s mission and heart of love to everyone when he said “The Word – Jesus – became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood” (John 1:8, the Message).

One positive result of this difficult season is that God’s people who have been scattered throughout Kansas City and beyond have an unprecedented opportunity to be “Jesus in the flesh” in the lives of the people God has placed around us, wherever we are, where we live, work, study, or play – simply by being a good neighbor!


Jesus tells us in the great commandment how to experience God’s deepest heart and the fullness of the Christian life – “Love God…and love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:37-39). So, it is natural that the next logical question would be, “Who is my Neighbor?”

Simply put, your neighbor could be anyone. The person in front of you. The people you work with. The community you’ve grown up with, or have just stepped in to. People you share activities with, or are troubled by a common cause. Those who live near you – on your street, in the next apartment, in your neighborhood, or even in your home.

So, although your neighbor is everyone and could be anyone, we believe that God has placed YOU in proximity to a particular person, in a specific place, or group of people, perhaps with a shared passion or concern – so that every person who is far from God might be drawn near to Jesus’ life through US.

Your person is not my person. My place is not your place. We don’t know the same neighbors nor live in the same neighborhood. BUT if each one of us lived out our lives according to Heartland’s mission – “To Make Space, for Building Relationships, to Make Jesus First” – we believe our neighborhoods, our community, and city would be changed by the simple act of being good neighbors who live out the great commandment through our lives and in our world today!

The Call To Be A Good Neighbor

Our call, Heartland, is for each of us and all of us to make the most of being good neighbors to those around us and to specific people and places that may be struggling. Please join us in praying this simple prayer: “Jesus, who is the neighbor you are calling me to love like you do, and how can I be a good neighbor to them this week.” Then, prayerfully consider joining us by stepping into community and moving out on mission in the following ways.



Now more than ever, neighbors and our neighborhoods are important for connection. Good neighbors share the love of God with those around them by intentionally engaging in relationships, prayer, and acts of kindness. You can find helpful ideas at three of our favorite places:

  • Helpful ideas from The Art of Neighboring
  • Prayer plan via Bless Every Home
  • Outreach ideas from our friends at Northpoint's Neighboring Guide
  • 2


    Host a social distancing Sunday watch party in your home. Check the current guidelines for Kansas gatherings HERE. Pull up the Heartland livestream at 9 or 11 AM Sunday on our YouTube Channel. Let us know what you're doing HERE, so we can share your great ideas with others!



    Host a neighborhood gathering on your block, in your yard or driveway, or in your home. Check the current guidelines for Kansas gatherings HERE. You can get some fun ideas from our friends at Art of Neighboring on how to throw a block party. Let us know what you're doing HERE, so we can share your great ideas with others!