A Day With Jesus-11/04/22 or 11/05/22
Nov 4, 2022 at 9:00 AM
Organizer: Nanette Haskin



Join us for A Day with Jesus on Friday morning, November 4th -or- Saturday morning, November 5th. This is a Zoom Course. 

A Day with Jesus is a three-hour guided experience designed to make space for deepening our relationship with Jesus. This time will slow us down and give Jesus maximum access to our hearts, minds and souls. Through simple spiritual practices, it puts us in position to listen, receive and be loved – and we believe God really loves to love us and speak to us in ways we can know and experience. Practices like Stillness, Listening to our Lives, Listening to the Scriptures, Journaling and Prayer help us slow and expand the time we spend with Jesus – moving us incrementally toward creating the kinds of rhythms and practices that make our lives healthier and more spiritually robust. 

The experience will begin at 9:00 AM with a virtual meet up to orient us to the day and the practices we’ll experience together. Then you’ll be given a 2-hour window of time to move through a series of readings, reflection and prayer exercises on your own, followed by a virtual meet up at 11:30 to share and process. We’ll wrap at noon with some ideas of how to extend the experience through the afternoon.

Registration deadline is October 23rd. Once registered, you can pick up your kit in The Hub at Heartland on Sundays in October. 


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