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Something isn’t right. How can life feel stagnant and unsettled at the same time? Frustrated—or disappointed—you drift through the present, but your mind is on your future. But the future is confusing. What are you supposed to do with your life? Where are you going next? And what do you need to do here to get there?

Younique is a Jesus-centered series of sessions that lead you to discover more about your identity and the purpose God designed you to live life with. The Younique experience is a journey of learning the 7 essential skills of Jesus-centered life design. With these skills, you can design a plan that fits the life God dreamed for you, and helps you move into that future.

At the end of your Younique experience you will have a deeper understanding of who God created you to be and what he has prepared you to do, being able to answer five questions with breakthrough clarity:

• What am I called to do?

• Why am I doing it?

• How am I doing it?

• When am I successful?

• Where is God taking me?

In addition, you will develop a life plan that makes this clarity intentional, and gives you the tools to integrate that intentionality with your daily life.

Younique coaches guide participants through insight-rich reflection on all their life’s complexity to the breathtaking, life-giving simplicity on the other side. Following your journey, all Younique alumni are invited to labs for further connection and accountability on implementing their life plan.

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Younique Stories: Jake & Jenny

Younique Stories: Derek & Allyson

Younique Cohorts, Accelerators & Labs

Younique at Heartland is offered in 2 formats - as a 4-6 month weekly cohort, or a set of weekend accelerators. Each method is followed by a 90-day launch period that helps you stay connected to a group of folks interested in living out of the clarity a Younique life plan can bring.

Cost of a cohort (kit and assessment tools) is $199; accelerator cost is $249 (kit, assessments and meals).

Financial assistance is available if you are ready to commit to the Younique experience but need a little help.

For our current offerings, see sign up and details below.

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