In a world of fast, fuzzy, and false we are all seeking what is real.

A fast pace.

Fuzzy lines of what is OK, or not OK.

Fake news. False truth.

These things leave us empty. And hopefully longing. Longing for answers to the complex questions in life.

Who is God?

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where is God taking me?

What’s my next move?

Am I clear on who God is? I have to start with Him, you see, before I can be clear on who I am. It is in His life and story that any of our lives and stories begin to make sense.

Many of us have experienced God’s story. Few of us have interpreted it. And even fewer can articulate God’s story in a way that makes sense of our own story.

This eight week series will walk each of us through the steps of knowing why we were made and what we were made for as we explore the life of David.