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move is headed to the Lake of the Ozarks, MO, June 2-6 for Mix! Mix is a middle school camp held all over the country designed to amplify the call of Jesus on students’ lives to become kingdom workers. Join us for a week of catalytic worship, transformative teaching, and a ton of fun. You won’t want to miss it!

This years' theme is “To Be Continued.” Elijah laid on a desert floor ready to give up. He had seen God do great things, but those felt like distant memories. Where was God when he was in danger? Where was God when he needed Him most?

In the midst of those questions, Elijah was about to have a life-altering, history-changing encounter with the Creator of the Universe. He just had to stand up and continue walking toward a divine appointment with God.

Elijah was one of the greatest Kingdom workers in all of Scripture, but he also passed his faith along to other Kingdom workers so that they, too, could continue advancing the Kingdom.

In 2019, we’ll dive into the life of Elijah and learn what it means to continue standing up for God in a world that denies Him, to continue pressing on when all seems lost and to continue the call from God that has been given to each of His children since the dawn of time.

Will you accept the call to continue Jesus’ command to point all people to Him?

About Mix


Parents, we are going on an incredible trip to a camp called MIX. It’s a camp put on by our friends at Christ in Youth. They create phenomenal experiences for students to put a jetpack on their journey with Jesus. This camp is specifically designed for middle school students. It’s June 2-6, 2019. Here are some questions you probably have!

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We’ll depart from Heartland at 11 AM on Sunday, June 2nd and we’ll get back to Heartland at 1 PM on June 6th.
Check out the Christ in Youth website for our specific event: Mix Missouri 1.
Windermere Conference Center, 1650 Koehler Dr, Lake of the Ozarks, MO 65787.
We are renting a school bus and CDL driver from First Student in Olathe. They’ll drop us off at camp and bring us back. We’ll have a luggage van that we’ll be renting as well and taking down to the lake.
$30-40. They have really fun hats or shirts at the merchandise table. All the meals are covered by the registration price, but there is a snack shop and ice cream stand where students can spend money on a cool treat when it’s hot outside.
We bring our own adult leaders to the event. They all attend Heartland Community Church and have been through our thorough background check process. They are all safe, fun, Jesus-centered adults. Also, our Child Protection Policy ensures that no adult is ever alone with a student in a private space (vehicle, camp room or otherwise).
CLICK HERE to email Shibu Mathew so we can work with you to make necessary accommodations.
Boys and their adult leaders sleep in separate cabins from the girls and their adult leaders. There are different kinds of cabins and housing options. We won’t know exactly which accommodations until we’re closer to camp. Last year, we stayed in rooms that sleep 8 people. One adult and 6-8 students are in a room together. There is a shared bathroom and shower for all 8 people to use. Students are not allowed to be in a room alone with the exception of changing into and out of swimwear. Adults are never alone with a student in a private area. The doors all have locks and the adult has a key to the room; this makes sure that students have to have an adult to be back at their room for any reason.
Yes! We’d love for you to meet them. CLICK HERE to email Shibu Mathew and we’ll schedule a meeting so you can meet them at one of our Sunday services.
Yes, last year. It was an amazing time of connecting and growth for lots of students. The organization, Christ in Youth, that hosts the event is a top-notch student ministry organization. We have loved getting to know them over the last year. Our spring conference, BELIEVE, is run by the same friends!
We think phones provide the great opportunity to connect with moms and dads back home. They also provide an incredibly high level of distraction. So, we’d encourage you to leave them at home but understand if you’d prefer otherwise. Students can bring their cell phones. The leader that stays in their room will collect all the phones at the beginning of the trip. When they need their phone, they can just ask their leader. This will help us monitor their usage and make sure they have an awesome time enjoying camp and building relationships with our group!
You’ll have a phone number for both Shibu Mathew and the adult leader that’s staying in the room with them. You can call or text us 24/7 with any needs. Our cell coverage at the lake is a bit spotty, so it can take a little while to connect. The Windermere Conference Center info phone number will also be made available to you.
I mean, come on, it’s camp food! It’s pretty good though. The menu ranges from chicken to pasta to pizza. There’s also a great salad bar. For drinks, there are milk and soda options.
There’s loads of supervised free time where our Heartland leaders are hanging out and connecting with our students. Our female leaders connect with female students and vice versa. Students are not allowed to be alone except for going to their cabin to do swimsuit changes or grab something they need.
There is a lake with canoes, paddleboats, and a floating trampoline waterpark. The Windermere Conference Center supplies all the lifeguards for lakefront activities. There’s a game center, snack shop, and hiking trails for students to explore with a group, led by an adult leader.
Our Heartland leaders will be the primary interaction that students have. The Mix team has a program staff (hosts, speakers, worship band) that lead them during large group activities, but that’s it!
Absolutely, unequivocally, yes! Camp provides a time to get away from the real world and allows students to experience their relationship with Jesus in a communal context. Simply put, camp puts a jetpack on a student’s journey with Jesus. We understand it’s a huge commitment for you the parent to send your student to camp. We are eager for the opportunity to mentor and disciple your son or daughter. We are SO excited for it.

Pricing Structure

This year we’re introducing a tiered signup structure. Sign up early for the best rate!
Pricing includes 5 days of camp, a t-shirt, food, lodging, and transportation!


2/3 - 3/3



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4/1 - 5/12


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