Welcome to Heartland

Sundays, 9 & 11 AM In-person & Online

If you are joining us in-person at Heartland, you can attend in our main auditorium, or in our atrium space for a more casual environment. If you are joining us via livestream at 9 and 11 AM, CLICK HERE to visit our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel, and you will receive alerts when our services go live or videos are uploaded!

Whatever your thoughts on church, whatever your beliefs about God, you are welcome here. In fact, we started this church for our friends who didn’t like church. What we do is simple: talk about our everyday lives and show how the Bible can make sense of it all. And we have a lot of fun doing it. Heartland is for anyone who wants to seek God—whether you are asking if God even exists, a committed Jesus-follower, or somewhere in between.

If you’ve been away from church for a long time or never really “did church,” we’re glad you are checking us out! We know that it can feel awkward to visit a church for the first time. That’s why our mission is ‘becoming the church among the unchurched’—so that every person, in every place, might experience all of Jesus.

We are a place where you don’t have to be fluent in ‘church’ in order to come—we are on a journey together, and arrive here from all sorts of directions. No matter where you are in your journey, you can plug in to a next step, be challenged, and get inspired as you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

To learn more about the irreducible heart of Heartland, take a look at this video. It captures our story, our vision, and what we desire to be as a people making space to build relationships to put Jesus first. We are excited that you are considering checking us out!

Below you’ll find some basic info that’ll help you navigate your first visit to Heartland. If you have questions that aren’t covered, please let us know!




You’re invited to challenge and be challenged. We don’t expect you to agree. We just ask that you’re open to considering the possibility that there is a God who loves and pursues you. So please, relax and enjoy the service. Grab a cup of coffee. Hang out in the atrium. We won’t call you out because you are new (we won’t call you out ever, really).

We’ll give you some space, if you need it.



We have a place for kids of all ages. Whether you have babies, grade school kids, or teenagers, there’s always something for them to do, and always someone to invest in them. And if you’re a grownup, but still a kid at heart, well, there’s something for you, too. Like lollipos in The Hub, or the Christmas train in the lightbox. Just sayin'.



From creative services, to relatable, authentic teaching, to free coffee and handy umbrellas to get you to your car when it rains, we go all in for all—out service to you. We have hearts for excellence, hospitality, and honesty—and we love to let it show.

We are pretty casual, so please come dressed however you feel comfortable.  No need to dress up!

We offer two identical Sunday services – at 9 AM and 11 AM.  Our services run about an hour and 15 minutes in length.  To cut down on the awkwardness for those who are just visiting or still checking out Heartland, we don’t pass an offering basket.  Our music is loud (so no one will notice if you don’t know the songs and aren’t singing along . . . or if you’re not a great singer), and our speakers’ messages are bible-based, creative, timely, honest and relevant. 

Want to take a sneak peek at one of our services before you visit?  CLICK HERE to watch anything in our teaching archive.

When you arrive, we invite you to stop by The Hub in our Atrium.  The friendly folks there can help you with some of the basics (where to find the restrooms, where you can get a free cup of coffee, where you can drop off your kids)–and when you’re ready, they can also help you find ways to connect at Heartland or help you take your next step of faith.

We have Prayer Team members available at the end of each of our services to pray for those who would like it. If you’d like to be prayed for, please come to the front of the auditorium (near the stage) after the service and just let us know!  It would be our honor to pray with you. We also have a prayer room (located near the auditorium, where the services are held)–and it’s a quiet space where you can go for personal reflection.

Have Kids?

Heartland Kids (Infant—Preschool, K–4th)
Sundays 9 and 11 AM in the Kids’ Area

We are committed to making Heartland a safe and super fun place for kids. Our fully background-checked volunteers will make your kiddos feel right at home. They will leave knowing that God made them, loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. Our curriculum in each area is age appropriate and delivered through an active variety of crafts, music and storytelling. Each kid is connected with a group of their peers and a dedicated small group leader. We have teams of volunteers who strive to make it the best hour of the week for your kids.

Interested in peeking in on what a Sunday looks like for your child? CLICK HERE to email Laura Gulley and schedule a behind-the-scenes tour of what’s happening in Heartland Kids.

Where Do Teens Go?

Adolescence is a roller coaster journey . . . it's got some screams, dips, and thrills. Come take the ride with us–it’s fun!

move . . . our middle school community (Grades 5–8)
Sundays @ 9 and 11 AM on the Dock

Wherever you are in your faith journey, we have a place for you at the table. Come check out the middle school student ministry for fun, friendships, and a fantastic group of youth and adult leaders. We have a service designed specifically for you . . . our own youth band, teachers, and lot's of fun! Don’t worry–if you’re new or visiting, we promise we won’t put a spotlight on you!

CLICK HERE for more details about move and our middle school opportunities at Heartland.

MVMT . . . our high school community (Grades 9–12)
Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM on the Dock

Let’s face it. We’re all searching for similar things: hope, purpose, and identity. At Heartland, we want this be a community that encourages meaningful relationships; and is a safe place to ask questions and start finding answers. We want your journey through high school to let you find hope in Jesus, purpose in your creator, and identity in the God who formed you.

CLICK HERE for more details about High School at Heartland.