Want To Volunteer?

A Place To Connect. To Be Known. To Be In The Know.

Are you looking for a deeper connection? A place to belong, to contribute? Do you like serving on teams? Do you like to serve on the front-, side-, or back-lines of things?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, let us help you get connected by volunteering. Sign up below for a test drive! Your test drive is an opportunity to try volunteering in any area you choose one time, to see what you think. Like it? We'll help you get connected. Don't like it? No worries, you can try another one!

Uncertain where to begin? Request a meeting with one of our Coaches. Our meetings are 30 minutes long, and are scheduled on a Sunday so you can attend a morning service (and childcare is provided, should you need it). Just make your request to meet with a coach in the Comment Box on our "I Want To Volunteer" form.

Our desire is to connect your passion and strength through service. We hope to meet you soon!

Hospitality Roles

Every week, hundreds of people attend Heartland, many for the first time. Our desire is that everyone feels welcome, comfortable, at home. Serving opportunities include friendly greeters, helpful guides in the parking lot, kid’s check-in, coffee bar, ushers, welcome center, courtesy and many other roles!

Relational/Mentor Roles

The majority of people coming to Heartland are looking for more than just a good message or inspiring experience. They’re looking for connection, friendship or community. Some are looking for help and guidance. We have many incredible ways you can meet a specific relational need! Opportunities include leading groups for adults, teenagers and kids; care team; prayer; or cuddling babies and playing with toddlers during services.

Artistic/Technical Roles

Although there are many roles that anyone can jump into and help immediately, there are roles that require very specific skills and knowledge. These opportunities include musicians and vocalists, video/audio production, photographers, camera operators, videographers, video editors, writers, social media curators, graphic and motion graphic designers, web/app developers, and video/stage hosts and communicators. If you have these skills, we'd love to meet you! If you are interested in developing these skills, we can partner with you to both recommend and/or provide specific training and experience.

Support Roles

It’s amazing how many things happen behind the scenes that no can see--but if they didn’t happen--Heartland wouldn’t function. This church requires a small army of people who work in the background to support hundreds of ministry opportunities that happen every week. Opportunities include weekday office support, stage hands, stage/set design, editors, set up/tear down, and much more.


Jeanine Frost