We are excited that you are considering getting your child dedicated or baptized. We believe that parents are the primary faith shapers for their children, and the church comes along side to help. This service is a beautiful opportunity for parents and our Heartland community to make that declaration together. Please invite any family or friends to join you at the celebration service, and join you in supporting your child in the years to come.

Kids' Baptism & Dedication FAQs

If you are thinking about baptizing or dedicating your child, you’re bound to have some questions about what it involves. The following FAQs should help provide some answers–and if you have additional questions, you’re welcome to contact us: CLICK HERE to email Shibu Mathew.

The choice between baptizing and dedicating a child should be made to reflect your personal conviction and heritage in faith. Heartland considers infant baptism and dedication as two different traditions that achieve the same end. Common to each tradition is a focus on the parents’ intention to raise and nurture the child in Christ. Neither dedication nor baptism guarantees salvation for a child; salvation is dependent upon an individual willingly choosing Jesus as his own savior. Our hope for all the children of Heartland is that one day each will personally accept Jesus as savior. Then, to symbolize that decision, each will choose to be baptized as an adult. As parents, you determine which tradition best fits your family and your thinking. That said, we at Heartland will dedicate a child of any age and we will baptize any child under the age of three.
Yes, attend the informational class held the Monday before each kids' dedication and baptism, via zoom at 8:00 PM. Everything else will be ready for you when you arrive at the service.
No, you do not have to be a member at Heartland to participate.
A Heartland pastor leads the service and sets an informal family atmosphere. The biblical perspective on dedicating and baptizing children is explained. Families are called upfront and parents are asked two questions. These questions explore choices parents must make in raising a child while making public the parents’ determination to rear their child in God's ways to the best of their ability. A pastoral elder or staff person then prays with your family individually.
Not at all. You will see children dressed in everything from 100-year-old christening gowns to cute outfits from Old Navy!
Yes! They can join the parents up front to present the child for baptism or dedication.
Expect the service to take 30 minutes.
This makes a more intimate and calmer experience for families.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail so we can verify details concerning your child.
Yes! But because of our limited space we only have the parents come up front to present the child for baptism or dedication.


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