Professional Partner List

Heartland's Care team can be accessed by leaving a confidential message on our Care Line at (913)341.5820 ext 330, or sending a confidential email to us at One of our team members will respond to you within 48 hours. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Below are the names and numbers of therapy practices Heartland maintains relationship with. You can begin with our Care team to get guidance on who might fit your specific need best, or contact any of these folks directly. As you prepare to choose a therapist, consider the tips in this article from Psychology Today, titled "How To Interview Your Therapist."

Ashley Barrett (children & adults) 816-533-5408

Janet Byars (adults) 913-707-0848

Noreen Dupriest (adolescents & adults) 913-592-9209

Marquitta Fields (adolescents & adults) 816-651-2214

Chris Habben (adults) (913)-233-8706

Jill Hamilton (adults) 816-977-9821

Katie Hamlin (children & adults) 913-295-9800

Danna Haverty (adults) 913-608-7452

Meghan Hemenway (children & adults) 913-363-7888

Ken Howard (adults) 816-918-1303

Bryce Jones (adolescents & adults) 913-327-7505

Cierra Karson (children & adults) 913-336-1844

Elizabeth Miranda (children & adults) 913-295-9800

Beverly Nobrega (adults) 913-285-5779

Katie Perkins (adolescents & adults) 913-543-4236

Danielle Reeves (children, adolescents & adults) 913-403-6021

Dominik Scalise (children & adults) 816-360-9221

Amy Schmidt (adolescents & adults) 913-444-6868

Sean Sears (adults) 913-735-0676

Michael Shahan (children & adults) 913-274-9767

Shawna Shaw (adults) 913-647-8092

Holly Smith (18+ adults) 913-303-1427

Jason Stary (adolescents & adults) 913-764-5463

Steven Sweat (adolescents & adults) 844-561-0185

Brenda Tally (adolescents & adults) 913-269-8173

Brenda Walden (adolescents & adults) 913-489-7318

Carol Walker (children & adults) CLICK HERE to email

Genny Walker (adolescents & adults) 913-735-4457

Halee Winfrey (adolescents & adults) 816-226-7366


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