Leadership Structure

Under the authority of Jesus Christ and the word of God, Heartland is led by a body of “elders.” This body is divided into several different teams, which are listed below. Each team is specialized in function and role according to the gifts and passions of the team members.

Management Team

This team is comprised of Heartland staff members who lead major Heartland ministry areas. Their focus is on ministry vision for Heartland and on staffing. Responsibilities of this team include developing ministries and establishing churchwide priorities that contribute to the big picture vision established by the Lead Pastor. (This includes hiring/firing staff, establishing a budget, and establishing systems and policies that allow the church to function most effectively to accomplish its mission.)

Current Management Team members are Tom Brawner, Michelle Pemberton, Steve Fisher, Seth Davidson, Jay Cull and Craig Cheney.



Lead Pastor

This position is to be filled by an ordained minister with leadership and teaching gifts. The responsibilities of the Lead Pastor include establishing the big picture vision and leadership for the church and providing accountability in staffing decisions.

This team is comprised of volunteer members of Heartland who have marketplace expertise in legal affairs and financial management. Their focus is on Heartland’s finances. They insure that Heartland’s financial affairs are handled with responsibility and integrity in accordance with ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) standards. They must approve the Heartland budgets proposed by the Management Team, and they authorize buying/selling of real estate, securing real estate leases or borrowing of money. (Additionally, an Audit Review Team selects the auditors for the yearly audit and works with Heartland Operations Team to review both the yearly audit results and Heartland’s internal control structure, presenting a final report to the Board of Directors.)

Current Directors are Thomas Badgett, James Kanary, Jim Perkins, Carlo Jurani, and Rusty Fulling.

This team is comprised of volunteer members of Heartland with strong leadership gifts and experience. Their focus is on global vision for Heartland and on the performance of the Lead Pastor. With input from the Management Team, the Advisory Team establishes and oversees annual churchwide goals and priorities. Additionally, this team is responsible for providing wise leadership counsel to the Lead Pastor, evaluating the Lead Pastor’s job performance, and (when necessary) calling a new Lead Pastor.

Current Advisor Team members are Scott Brooks, Aric Henderson, Janet Richardson-Barce, Caroll Sinclair and Suzanne Vaughan.

This team is comprised of volunteer members of Heartland with a passion for building disciples and genuine community. Their focus is on spiritual growth and care/counseling. Their responsibilities include modeling and promoting spiritual growth and genuine community among the staff and membership of Heartland, administering the sacraments, overseeing the benevolence fund and food pantry, and extending care to the church.

Current Pastoral Elders are John Auld, Greg Blessen, Tasha Cook, Brad Gregory, David Irwin, Betsy Lehleitner, Brian McBride, Melba Mueller and Ryan Nelson.

This team is made up of respected pastors who know and love Heartland and Heartland’s Lead Pastor. They are responsible for maintaining a current relationship with the Lead Pastor and providing discipline and accountability for the Lead Pastor in case of moral or theological infidelity.

Current members of the Overseers Team are Greg Ealey and Jarrett Meek.