Across our city, we meet as Communities, groups of 15-30 people who are working out what it means to make space for building relationships to make Jesus first. Our communities meet around different areas of interest. Like a cause, where we serve together. Or a lifestage, passion, neighborhood (and more), where we gather together. We eat, pray, share our lives, befriend, care, listen, and much more. God is changing lives in incredible ways. We love to see transformation happen in our own lives and in others as we connect and do life around Kansas City.

How Do I Join One?

Communities are open to anyone, whether you know Jesus or are interested in finding out more about him.


The best place to start is by having a good look through all of our Communities on this page. Get in touch with the leaders and find out more about what they are up to, and when and how they meet.Email the group leader by clicking the Contact Group Leader button on their page. Please allow our volunteer leaders five days to get back with you. If you do not hear back from them within the five days, please email Britton Gregory HERE and she will be happy to help you.


Once you’ve narrowed down your options, go and visit a couple of the Communities. Meet people and see what they do. No one will be offended if you go to try out their Community but decide it’s not quite for you!


And if you can’t find one that fits, how about starting one of your own? Pray and consider: Am I wired for this? Where will I make space in the calendar to make community a priority? Check out the Community Leader Profile HERE to learn more. After praying and hearing from God, email Britton Gregory HERE to get connected to a Community Task Force Leader.


Britton Gregory