As a culture, we are obsessed with making home improvements - fixing things up, DIY projects, and fresh interior design. The pandemic has only heightened our improvement frenzy. Just as it takes hard, focused work and resources to improve our physical spaces, it requires equally hard, intentional work to improve our interior design - the social, emotional, spiritual and mental spaces in us that help us relate intentionally with the world around us. The holiday season and turn to a new year sparks for many the acute awareness that we are in need of improvement in our interior, and in our closest relationships. Most of us don't feel like we have the tools, knowledge, or resources to provide DIY fixes in our personal and relational world. We could all benefit from an increase of personal awareness, a change in perspective, a nudge to get outside of ourselves. We believe God's guidance, laid out for us in the Bible, offers timeless tools and tips on how to improve our inner lives, and in turn strengthen our relationships with those around us.