Let There Be Light

Radical healing. Acts of compassion. Offers of mercy. Love. Forgiveness. A savior who will go to the ends of the earth to rescue us, to bring us home.

Jesus came in power to invite us to draw near . . . to dare to believe . . . to go on an adventure that he had written for us from the beginning of time. To give us unprecedented access.

One thing he asks of us . . . and it goes against everything in our human nature . . . that we stop pretending we are doing better than we really are. He comes to be a healer, a restorer, and he asks us to admit our need for healing . . . to ask for it and to be open to it. To receive it. He knows we want to be in control. And we know that we are not. It is when his incredible love for us, and our humble confession of our need meet that his power is unleashed.

As we journey through Luke, consider Jesus’ words and actions and their bearing on your story. Consider your own need for rescue, healing, dignity and forgiveness.