What does it look like, to live in light of the gospel? To live out the revolutionary call of Jesus to love Him first, and then love others as you love yourself? We believe that living the Jesus first life wholeheartedly today would be revolutionary. It would change our homes, our neighborhoods, our workplaces and our communities, if everyone could learn to love & lead like Jesus did. 


In Acts, Jesus’ call to the first church was revolutionary in their time . . . and it continues to be today. The call is to declare our faithfulness to Jesus alone. Not to manmade places, structures or ideas . . . Paul’s invitation on his missionary journeys was so revolutionary precisely because Jesus’ message & movement was for Everyone. Every human. Regardless of where they came from, or what they looked like.  Jesus’ first followers made space, for building relationships, that made Jesus first – and our world has never been the same. 


You and I have a role to play. We are commanded to not hold back in pursuing that role of making Jesus’ voice the loudest, most caring, life changing voice in the room.  How can we be a people . . . a community . . . that changes the world one person, one place, one conversation at a time? How can we be a people that trusts in the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead the way forward?  What might our courageous next steps be into living out the Jesus first life?