The Christmas story didn't begin some 2000+ years ago in Bethlehem. It began at the beginning . . . when God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

If we trace the history of humanity from the beginning, to the fall in the Garden of Eden, through years of separation from God, we arrive at the culmination of God’s incredible love for us . . . with the birth of Jesus.

The Christmas story is God’s epic bid for us, his prized creation. He invites us to reestablish a connection to him by sending his son into our world, to show us the way.

To light the way.

Because Jesus was with God in the beginning. He was sent to us as a great light, to illuminate our path. To bring light into our dark world. A light which this darkness will never extinguish.

Join us this December . . . and particularly this Christmas . . . if you could use the power of that light in your life.

Come and encounter the light of Jesus.


Christmas Candlelight Services

Monday, December 23 @ 3 and 5 PM

Tuesday, December 24 @ 3, 5 and 11 PM

Kids’ Program Infant-Pre-K Provided @ 3 and 5 PM December 23 and 24

Join us for a Christmas celebration and invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family. Just share this page in a text, an email...or go old school and give them a call! There are also invitation links on Facebook that you can share.

If you are joining us for the first time, CLICK HERE for more information. Feel free to explore the website, too. And, if you have any questions, CLICK HERE to email us!


If Heartland Is Home, Attend a Monday Service and Volunteer with us on Christmas Eve!

We would love to have as many regular Heartland attenders join us on Monday, December 23 at 3 and 5 PM to alleviate some of the space crunch on Christmas Eve. 

We know we will have a lot of visiting families, and that means we will need extra help in Heartland Kids, ushers in the auditorium, and ambassadors at all entrances. We are looking for 100 extra volunteers to welcome our guests with excellence.

CLICK HERE and tell us which service and role you can volunteer for!