SOLD OUT! ***** Move Camp July 10-14! ***** SOLD OUT!

Get ready for the week of your life! This summer, July 10-14, MVMT is headed to an unforgettable week at CIY Move!

Who’s in charge? If I’m in charge of my own destiny, that’s really exciting. It’s also terrifying. What if I mess it up? What if I choose the wrong path? What if I fail? We all want to be in charge of our own lives, but what if real freedom is found when we put someone else in charge? But who? At MOVE 2023, high school students will discover the incredible hope of giving up control. They will hear the hope-filled call of Jesus to follow him at all costs nevertheless allowing him to truly live through them. Join MVMT at MOVE camp July 10-14 in Lincoln, NE for what is sure to be the best week of your summer!


We've worked hard to make sure this year's Summer camp is fun and safe! Below are some questions that may come up. If your question hasn’t been answered, CLICK HERE to email DJ Toelle.

Announcing speaker and band soon! Check back for more updates!
University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1400 R St, Lincoln, NE 68588
What To Bring:
  • Bible/Notebook, pen/pencil
  • Clothing for four days, including travel time. (Suggested clothing: Athletic wear or comfortable clothes for various outdoor and gym activities, tennis shoes, comfortable walking shoes, swimsuit, light jacket for cooler indoor spaces.)
  • Personal toiletry items, including prescription medication
  • Towel/washcloth
  • Shampoo/body wash
  • Bedding/sleeping bag to fit a single bed
  • Money for travel, camp merch, missions offering, etc
  • (optional) Snacks to share in the dorm room
  • (optional) Athletic equipment for recreation time
We are leaving at 10 AM Monday, July 10 from the garage on the South side of the building and returning at 10 PM on Friday, July 14. We are renting two 12-passenger vans that we will have access to all week.
$30-$50. Students will need money to purchase their lunch on the way to camp on Monday. Merch (keychains, hats, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.) is available for purchase at camp and prices range from $5 - $30 depending on the item. During our free-day, food and a group activity will be covered in the registration price. We will not stop for lunch on the way home, we will provide a light breakfast (Pop Tarts, granola bars, cuties, etc.) before loading up the vans to come home Friday morning.
We bring our own adult leaders to the event. They all attend Heartland Community Church and have been through our thorough background check process. They are all safe, fun, Jesus centered adults. Also, our Child Protection Policy ensures that no adult is ever alone with a student in a private space (vehicle, camp room or otherwise). If you would like to meet the adults attending camp, please email DJ Toelle at
Email DJ Toelle at so we can work with you to make necessary accommodations.
We will be staying in the dorms of UNL. There are two beds to a room sharing a bathroom (shower/toilet). Boys and their adult leaders sleep in separate halls from the girls and their adult leaders. Adults do not room with students. If your student has a specific roommate request, we will do our best to accommodate. Please email DJ Toelle at at registration with your request.
Camp offers students an opportunity to unplug and get away from the stress of everyday life. Students may bring their cell phones and they will not be collected. However, anything that distracts the student or other students may be taken for a period of time to ensure your student gets the most out of camp. Heartland Community Church and CIY are not responsible for personal property lost or stolen at camp. We promise your student will have plenty to do and stay entertained at camp!
I mean, come on, it’s college dorm food! It’s pretty good though. The menu ranges from chicken to pasta to pizza. There’s also a great salad bar. For drinks, there are milk and soda options. Dietary restrictions and food allergies will be accommodated, but should be communicated at registration via email to DJ Toelle at
There is loads of supervised free time where our Heartland leaders are hanging out and connecting with our students. Campus is small, but has plenty of rec options during free time including open gym with basketball hoops and volleyball nets, rock climbing, indoor swimming pool, and playing pickup games of ultimate frisbee, 9 square, and volleyball on the campus Quad. There’s also great indoor common spaces to hang out and play cards or group games. Students are encouraged to stay in groups, and are not allowed to hangout in the dorms alone or without adult supervision.
Absolutely, unequivocally, yes! Camp provides a time to get away from the real world and allows students to experience their relationship with Jesus in a communal context. We understand it’s a huge commitment for you, the parent, to send your student to camp. We are eager for the opportunity to mentor and disciple your son or daughter. We are SO excited for it.


DJ Toelle