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The Joy of Humility

By Molly Fisher

I like being right…I really like being right, and most of the time I think I am.

I have a hard time letting things go and can be very point-of-the-matter.

I very often have ideas (aka opinions) that I feel need to be shared.

I’m not naturally generous, easy going, or inclined to think of others first.

These are not my favorite qualities of myself!

I have learned to be better because I want to be better, though I have a long way to go. For me it has taken very intentional choices and practice. Plus, verses in the Bible like Philippians 2:5-8, where Jesus’ followers are being reminded that though God, Jesus came to live as a human, with all the limitations of the human body. He lived humbly, never needing to prove himself, and died a very painful death, because he valued others/me that much. If Jesus put others first, valued others above himself, who am I to think my needs and wants take priority? I have found I have to pause and ask myself: ”Will my thoughts/opinions matter right now?” ”Was I asked to share or give advice?” “Will what I have to say be value-added, encouraging, or empathetic?” Or, ”Is listening, humbly listening, what is really needed?” (I really do ask myself these questions ALL THE TIME.)

Having kids certainly helped make real the idea that I don’t always come first, get my way, or have control of much! Very often, I find that being reflective of my life offers me a perspective of how little control I actually had about so many things, good and challenging, and allows me to see where God has been at work. And that humbles me. Putting others first is a choice, an intentional choice, I need to make more often than not. I still get it wrong, but more and more I catch myself – I play the conversation forward and, in that pause, can stop myself and recognize that less of me and more the example of Jesus is what’s best.

What does humility or being humble mean to you? Putting others first can be hard, and for many it is NOT a natural inclination. Even small children learn the word “mine” early and want what they want with zero consideration for the feelings of others. Sharing, empathy, and humility must be learned.

Brad’s focus this morning on the word ”grasp” resonated with me, not because that was new, but because that is exactly what I struggle to do. Open my fists, lessen my grasp, and hold loosely that which is not mine to hold. Or, if I do let go, I too often try to grab it back, try to control something a little while longer. As a prayer exercise, I will sit with clenched fists and practice releasing things/thoughts/people to Jesus – it helps to physically lessen my grasp.

This entire series, “It brings me joy…” has also been about, "It brings Me joy…” It brings God joy, it brings all of heaven joy, when someone lost is found, when we repent/turn-around from past mistakes and follow Jesus, and when we put others first. Baptism is a celebration that brings us and God joy. Whatever your path, and we all have different journeys, baptism brings us to the same point – a relationship with Jesus.


{Sunday, October 23}

Read Philippians 2:3-8

Observe, Reflect, Apply: As you read this passage, take note of the posture Jesus takes. How can you assume a similar posture in your relationships, in work, or among friends?


{Monday, October 24}

Read Acts 2:38-39

What is your baptism story? We each come to the decision to follow Jesus in different ways, and at different points in life. Who might be encouraged by you sharing your story with them?

Molly Fisher’s Baptism Story

Baptisms are touching moments to witness. I love getting to hear the stories of others as Jesus becomes real to them, and they make a public proclamation symbolizing letting go of the old self and emerging a new creation. That symbolism is powerful to the person and to the you and I, as physical & spiritual witnesses. As much as I love these moments in the church, I do not remember my own baptism. My parents had me baptized as a baby, not for ceremony, but because, like families at the Jordan River, they were bringing their children to God and promising to raise them as Christians, which they did. I used to wish I had a dramatic conversion story, but I have come to be so grateful that faith was an integral part of family and my formative years. I don’t have a time in my life where Jesus didn’t matter. I’ve certainly had my rebellious moments, and control issues where I held tight my own desires and wrestled with God (and my parents) wanting what I thought was best for me, but always with an awareness that there is a God, and that his ways matter. I’ve considered getting re-baptized but have never been clear who I would be doing that for, or why, Instead I claim the baptism that was performed on me, with the sincere hearts of my parents. I treasure and value that experience enough that my husband and I did the same for our children. They too, can choose to get baptized in a way where they are making the decision for themselves, or can claim their infant baptism, with parents whose sincere desire is that they would grow up always knowing there is a God that loves them and makes them his own.  


{Tuesday, October 25}

Read 1 Corinthians 6:7, Psalm 103:12

Read today’s verses and consider where you might be keeping record of wrongs. How might you set down your records and offer forgiveness to someone instead?

Shelly Huston’ Baptism Story

Most of us are fantastic score keepers. Sometimes we keep track of the offenses, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our churches. We remember what they said, what they did, or what we think they meant. We remember how it felt, the impact it left on our lives, whether it was 10 years ago, or 10 minutes ago.

Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 6:7, love keeps no record of wrongs. 

  • Jesus isn’t keeping track of the number of times I’ve ‘fouled’ my opponent or my brother.
  • He’s not on the sidelines, reminding me of how many strikes I have. 
  • He doesn’t have to refer to my ‘slow-mo’ camera to see if I scored or crossed a line.

At a young age, my parents taught me that when I was baptized, my sins were forgiven. That Jesus threw my sins as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12). I learned that his forgiveness was unending. He didn’t just forgive my past, when I stepped into the waters at the age of 12. If I ask forgiveness for the thoughts I had about a co-worker yesterday, he still forgives. 


{Wednesday, October 26}

Read 1 Peter 2:21-25

As you read this passage, take note of which actions bring you gratitude. Which actions and phrases give you pause, or raise questions? What are you most grateful for in relation to Jesus, and your story?

Allison Antrim’s Baptism Story

I got baptized at the age of 7, after having a personal encounter with Jesus Christ while watching an Easter cartoon. The punishment Jesus experienced had overwhelmed me in its child-friendly, yet serious depiction on the TV, filling me with sorrow and gratitude. Although I was young, I knew I had sin in my heart and that I needed Jesus to make things right. My dad led me in a basic sinners’ prayer, and I had a full-immersion baptism at our church some weeks later. Going down into the water symbolized dying to my sin; rising out of the water symbolized my new life as a Christian. His wounds have healed me, forever. 


Seven-year-old me stood with my parents at the side of the baptistry while the pastor, who was already standing in the water, spoke to the audience. He was introducing me, explaining that I had had a personal encounter with Jesus and was ready to publicly acknowledge him as Savior through believer’s baptism. When he turned to extend a hand toward me, my parents helped me up the stairs and I stepped down into the warm water. The pastor asked me if I intended to follow Jesus. I answered yes. Then he said, “Then I baptize you my sister in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Buried with Christ in baptism…” He dipped me under the water and lifted me back up. “…raised to walk in newness of life.” The applause seemed thunderous as I wiped the water out of my eyes and was helped out of the baptistry into a towel and the open arms of my parents.


{Thursday, October 27}

Read John 4:25-30

What questions are you waiting for Jesus to explain to you? What have your personal experiences with Jesus been? Who can you share your Jesus encounter with this week?

Lisa Zulke’s Baptism Story

My path to Jesus was full of plot twists, most prompted by choices I made as I found my way through life. I’m an experiential learner, and for my first 24 years the experiences I grew in, felt impacted by and learned from were coming from sources other than Jesus. Church was not part of my growing up years. In my mid-20’s I finally recognized Jesus in the actions of my closest friends, in the teaching I was hearing at Willow Creek Community Church (where they invited me) and in some personal learning experiences that brought me face to face with Jesus. At that time, I met a Jesus I hadn’t yet experienced, who knew everything about me, all the plot twists I’d moved through, and all the hardship I was carrying . . . and loved me anyway. He welcomed my questions and my doubts and my need to learn by experience, and drew me near so my experiences were with him. I chose to be baptized at 24 on a youth retreat I was helping with and had the opportunity to share with the girls I was leading . . . "come and see a man who told me everything I ever did…could he be Jesus?!"


{Friday, October 28}

Read Matthew 3:13-17

Take note of the dynamics in this passage. John, Jesus, and the spirit of God. Jesus wants to be baptized as God commanded it would be done. And the declaration from heaven comes, "This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy.” If you were baptized, what do you imagine God’s voice in heaven speaking over you?



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