[January 29, 2023]

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Celebration & Awe

By Sarah Hahs

I held a new baby this week. It was one of those moments where I wasn’t expecting it, and I was filled with awe looking into this baby’s face. She is the new daughter of a co-worker. Someone we have prayed over.  Someone who I was blessed to know of her arrival when she was but a flutter of heartbeats. Someone who knows my voice already because she has spent countless meetings listening to me. And I looked down at her face, now on the outside, a new human, connected to all of us through God’s creation and master plan, and I was filled with awe. I felt this moment Dan was talking about today. I felt small. Right-sized in my place here. And yet, while feeling small, felt the enormity of God’s presence. That is awe. 

What a privilege it is to be present to those moments. Don’t get me wrong, I miss more of them than I see. Life happens and I miss the moment God was inviting me to be in awe of his provision, or grace, or beauty. But that’s where we all have a part to play. I may miss it, but we have the opportunity to share with one another when we see it.  Celebration is the recognition of awe and the opportunity to point to it and say, “Look at what God has done!” 

If that feels like a hard thing right now, start small. Start with going outside and looking up. Start with the lines on your fingerprint and how they are uniquely yours. Start with the person in your life who walks beside you through all of it. And then, if you’re up for a little celebration, tell someone what God has done. 


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[Sunday, January 29]

1 John 1:1

Take some time to consider what you have to share with others that points to God and where you have seen, heard, experienced him in life. Now, take one of those celebrations and share it with a friend.


[Monday, January 30]

Read 2 Corinthians 9:8-9

What does it look like for you to be “abundantly blessed?” How are you “scattering” that abundance?


[Tuesday, January 31]

Read Acts 2:42-47

This verse is a summary of our series Kick The Habit.  Gathering together, Prayer, Stewardship, Reading Scripture, or Celebration. Which habit from these verses is the easiest for you?  Which habit is the hardest and why? What would it look like to increase your expression of just one habit?


[Wednesday, February 1]

Read Matthew 6:31-32

Does knowing that God sees what you need fill you with a sense of awe?  What is something that you need this week that you would like God to provide?


[Thursday, February 2]

Read Psalm 118

This psalm is a written example of how to point to what God has done.  Make a written list of what God has done in your life recently. Think about all aspects of your life, financial, emotional, spiritual, personal, etc. Consider writing it in the form of a psalm, and return to it as a reminder of where and how God provided.


[Friday, February 3]

Read Luke 15:10, John 10:10

What does “life to the full” mean to you? How has God already filled in some of those spaces? Where would you like to see more fullness of life? Where has God experienced joy over your life?


[Saturday, February 4]

Read Luke 12:7, 12:24

What feeling do you have knowing God has numbered the hairs on your head? That he provides in a way that takes into account who you are specifically and what your needs are?


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