[September 3, 2023]

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Live a life that tells a story

By Laura Gulley

Being a preschool pastor and a small group leader in MVMT, I have the excellent opportunity to be surrounded by the next generation and constantly learn from them. It’s incredible what preschoolers can teach us. When I think of the three practices we were challenged with this week (Be a noticer, Be an encourager, Be an introducer), I can’t help but think of kids and students. They do these so well and so effortlessly. Just last week, I watched a 4-year-old move chairs to be closer to a new student who wasn’t sitting by anyone. I watched a three-year-old comfort a toddler who was sad about being away from their mom. I saw a 5-year-old say hi to everyone who entered the room.

This week, we talked about Adam and Eve in the preschool space and friendship in the elementary area. I asked the kids why they thought God created Eve and Adam, and one of the 5-year-olds said, “Because God doesn’t like it when we are lonely.” It was such a sweet moment, and it has been stuck in my head ever since. God didn’t create us to walk this earth alone. God created us for community. God created us to teach others and to pour into others. God created us to love as He loves us.

When I think of my time in children’s church and youth group, I can still name every small group leader I had. I don’t just remember who they were; I remember their families, I remember the stories they told me of when they were my age, I remember the advice they gave me, I remember their smiles and their hugs, I remember all the good things that made them who they are.

Kids and students want to know you. They want to learn from you. However, they also have a lot to teach us. What would it look like to remove those barriers we have built up throughout the years and honestly share our stories and lives with others? What would it look like to teach and listen to the next generation? God created us for community. Share your story, let others in, and love everyone as Jesus loves them.


[Monday, September 4 – 8]

Joshua 4:4-7, Psalm 102:18, Psalm 71:18

In this weekend’s verses we begin with a people who saw God show up and perform a miracle. The stones they place serve as a memorial to honor God’s movement on their behalf. Where have you seen God move in life? Do you recall it because you kept a "memorial" to remember? Or was it a life changing moment that isn’t easily forgotten? How could your story of God’s movement in your life be shared to encourage others?

We are who we are, and believe what we believe because of those generations before us who shared their stories of God. Who in your life inspired you through their faith? Where did you learn what you know about Jesus? Consider taking a moment to send them a message of thanks, and share the impact they had on your life.

We inevitably grow older, and hopefully have more impactful encounters with God along the way. Who has Jesus placed in your life that is younger than you? What do you notice about them? What would happen if you noticed them and took a step toward relationship to encourage them? How might you introduce them to that would also encourage their growth and faith?


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