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Is God Working?

By Chris Woodward

When I was young, I remember thinking my father could do anything, fix anything, like MacGyver, two toothpicks, and a roll of tape. He could put the shower back together. As with all things, doubt would creep in eventually. As I grew, I would question, "Is this going to work? Are we in for a flood? What is he doing now?" See, my father grew up on a farm and had to make repairs with what was on hand. He had to, as he would say, "just slap it together and see if it works." Or the most famous line in my home the day he dismantled the washer and dryer, "You just take the old part out and put the new one in right. How hard can it be."

When you grow up in this mode of constant construction, it allows for growth in every direction. After one of these repairs, I still get a little sweaty and nervous thinking about flipping on the switch. Is it going to work? Will there be a fire? Did we get all the parts correct? Ultimately, the question on my mind was, "Do I trust my father? Does he know what he is doing, or is Dad making this up as he goes?" It is my thought that the work that God is about in our life is growth. In many situations, he is growing us, teaching us, allowing our faith to mature, and allowing failures and losses so that we look to him. Even when, occasionally, there are extra washer parts that did not make it back into the rebuild.

Is God working? That is a question. Dan did a great job today of sharing the story of Esther and how she had been a part of the working of God in her life and the lives of everyone who came after her. Like my father’s projects, she was unsure of the situation and had been put in an awkward and dangerous position. This is where choices need to be made with a potential price to pay. Would she trust that God was working and that the God of Israel would keep his promise to her? We know the end of Esther’s story; we can read how things worked out for her and how many good things came out of her faith in the work and plan of God.

She flipped the switch and trusted that his work was solid.


[Monday, October 9]

Esther 4:13-14, 16

As we move into the fall, there are lists of work to be done: yard work, midterms coming up, and gatherings with friends and family. Are you preparing for the work? Esther prepares for the work and brings others close to God through prayer and fasting. How are you bringing others in on what work God has for you? Who would you call on to fast and pray in preparation for something?


[Tuesday, October 10]

Esther 5:9

As we go through this week, consider Hamon’s anger and entitlement.
Does my inner life look like this? Are there things or people that turn me from happy to angry to contemplating revenge? Where should I place that anger?


[Wednesday, October 11]

Esther 7:3-4, 7

In chapter seven, the apex moment in the book of Esther is the big reveal. We, the audience, see the moment it all led up to. Where the work of God and the faithfulness of his followers meet. Take time to pray for these apex moments for you and your family, your stress, your struggles, and your fear of the unknown. Who would you bring with you on this journey?


[Thursday, October 12]

Esther 4:14

How can you map out how God’s work has gone before and behind you to make you who you are? Write down a few ways where you see him active and moving in the world. When you pray today, ask God, "Why do you have me here, in this place, at this time?" Is it to make space for others, feed people in need, or provide shelter for someone who does not have it?


[Friday, October 13]

Ephesians 1:11

What is the plan for the weekend? Where are you watching the game? What is for dinner? We are a curious bunch. We want to know where the next thing is, what is coming up or at us. How do you react to the statement that God has a plan and is working that plan out with and for you? Is it reassuring? Easy to trust? Challenging at times? Consider sharing with God where you struggle to trust him and believe he is with you?


[Saturday, October 14]

Ephesians 2:10

Saturdays are the best days for our family. We get to reconnect after going every which way back and forth throughout the week. For us, one day a week, we get to relax and talk about the days that have gone by and the work that has been completed. Imagine what the time in heaven will be like when we see the plan of life laid out before us, God’s all-along plan. Find a moment or two to relax and recount the benefits you’ve seen from the work of God with, in and through you.


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