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It Is Good To Be You

By Brooke Hodnefield

I have a terrible sense of direction. If I’m in a hotel, I will always guess the wrong direction to turn off the elevator to my room. If you say ‘south of the this or that,’ I will look at you blankly. I moved to KC during my junior year of high school, and there was a write-up in my senior yearbook about my lack of direction. I had earned a reputation that quickly. It’s a legit deficiency. I KNOW my need for a map. If only I recognized my neediness for Jesus as I do the need for Apple Maps! 

So then, to become more prayerful, we have to be humble. To be humble, we need to be honest. Each morning, tell the truth. The truth being you are needy even when it doesn’t feel like it. Then, turn toward God and pray. 

Jackie Hill Perry, Upon Waking

At work, we have a term for people we encounter that we consider needy or challenging…they are ‘EGR’ = extra grace required. As I think of our gracious and generous God and how he looks upon his children, we are just that – EGR’s, each of us! Paraphrasing Matthew 5:3-6, we are often:

(vs 3) Trusting of our self-sufficiency, not poor in spirit

(vs 4) In experiencing pain, filling our emptiness with everything but Jesus

(vs 5) Prideful and self-promoting, not meek

(vs 6) Considering our relationship with Jesus as an afterthought, not with an insatiable hunger and thirst for righteousness

The Beatitudes are an invitation to find our King and his Kingdom, and not to rely on our own kingdoms that we build. How much relief does that bring to know that the ordinary and the unlikely can access a King, not by doing, but by being in a relationship with him? He sits not on an untouchable throne but joins you in your tears, takes your hand and leads you forward when you can’t take that next step, and continually quietly pursues you even when he is but a secondary consideration. We only need to  acknowledge our neediness and lack and walk right in. It is good to be you, to be me, approaching our heavenly King.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10

[Monday, January 15]

Matthew 5:3

This passage may or may not mean poor in finances…we are each poor in some way. Where is your greatest need, and where do you seek God’s kingdom where there is lack, need or absence? He declares his presence in those wanting places!


[Tuesday, January 16]

Matthew 5:4

The ache that comes with that pain often creates a turn to something or someone. Have you tried turning to other people or solutions? What pain or suffering can you take to God? Do you trust him to comfort you?


[Wednesday, January 17]

Matthew 5:5

Power, status & influence are highly valued in our world. God is counter-cultural. Take stock of your own life & consider where you have built your own altar.


[Thursday, January 18]

Matthew 5:6

God instills unique passions in each one of us to care for his creation and his world. What causes your heart to break? How can you take a small step in exploring your contribution further?


[Friday, January 19]

Matthew 5:3-6

As you reflect on the entire passage from this week, what sticks out and most resonates? Where do you need God’s wisdom or guidance? Find a word or phrase and speak it out loud or write it down several times. What does God have for you or want you to see in this reflection?


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